Agro Zemlja 2015

Welcome to  “Agro Zemlja” website!

We invite you to participate at the 21st international expo-and-sell fair of agriculture, nutrition, horticulture, fishing, hunting, ecology, rural tourism and renewable energy AGRO ZEMLJA 2015 which is being held at the same place and in good company, in Bizovačke toplice (Bizovac Spa) from 9th till 11th of October 2015.

According to the tradition of good cooperation, this years fair preparations are being organized together with all eminent national institutions related with agriculture as well as Ministries with different kinds of sponsorships.

We recommend participating in some of the following programs of the 21st AGRO ZEMLJA fair:

  • Selling expositions of agro-technics together with presentations (agricultural mechanization and equipment)
  • “Water – the source of life” – drinking water, irrigation systems, purification systems
  • 4th “Corn Festival”
  • New technologies – renewable energy
  • Offering of seed goods distributors and producers
  • Exposition of equipment for packaging and processing fruits and vegetables
  • Offering of plant protection products and fertilizers
  • Thematic presentation: advanced irrigation equipment and technologies
  • Offering of equipment for pig, cattle and poultry farming
  • Presentation of credit, loans, savings and insurance offers
  • Great offer of flowers and planting goods
  • Offers of manufacturing goods from all regions of Croatia
  • Thematic exposition of the most important Croatian mills with their offers
  • Exposition of the most important Croatian meat processing industries followed by tastings of their products
  • Exposition of water and non-alcoholic beverages producing companies followed by tastings of their products
  • Croatian viticulture and eminent winemakers with 6th annual specialized program “Croatian wine roads”
  • Special program for hunting, fishing and woods
  • Wide offer of promotion programs, gatherings and tastings…
  • 16th inter-regional presentation of Regions with special offers in agricultural production, nutrition goods, as well as manufacturing goods and small businesses presentation, together with presentation of cultural values of certain regions

Registration form and Price list of basic fair services that are available on these pages should be filled out and sent to the Oranizator by fax:+385 31 209 000, e-mail: , or you can send it to the following address: Agro Zemlja, Šetalište k. F. Šepera 1 d, 31000 Osijek, Croatia.

You can download the programs of the 21st AGRO ZEMLJA fair in PDF format here: programs.pdf

Please take care of the date so we could organize your this years fair performance on »AGRO ZEMLJA« 2015 in a way which will meet both of our needs, wishes and interests.

We welcome you to the 21st expo-and-sell fair Agro Zemlja 2015!