Price List

This form is part of the registration form. Please, circle the numbers in front of sercvices you are interested in, and send us a copy together with registration form.
You can download the Price list in PDF format here: price_list.pdf


Code Name of the service Measure Price in EUR
001 Pavilion expo space – equipped – A location –
– Octanorm construction -*
m2 95,00
002 Pavilion expo space – equipped – B location –
– Octanorm construction -*
m2 80,00
003 Pavilion expo space – unequipped
– A location –
m2 40,00
004 Pavilion expo space – unequipped
– B location –
m2 35,00
005 Outdoor expo space – covered m2 50,00
006 Outdoor expo space – opened
(grass / concrete)
m2 25,00
007 Electric energy basic fee (for all expo spaces) expositor 15,00
008 Registration fee and obligatory submition in Expo-registers expositor 135,00

* Together with standard equipement Of Octanorm construction it is possible to rent additional equipement (according to the Price list of additional equipement which will be sent to you on your demand)


Code Activity Measure Price / Note / Euro
009* General Sponsor of the Fair 10.500,00
010* Sponsors of teme the Fair 3.500,00
011* Sponsors of the Fair 3.0000,00
012* Partner’s of the Fair 3.500,00
013 Advertising in the Official Cataloge of the Fair page 1/1 of colour external last page: 690,00
1/1 of black and white internal page: 410,00
1/2 of black and white internal page: 230,00
1/3 of black and white internal page: 180,00
014 Advertisement in the Fair Edition of »Nova Zemlja« agriculture magazine page 1/1 of colour internal page: 550,00
1/2 of colour internal page: 300,00
1/3 of colour internal page: 220,00
015 Renting a hall, or outside poligon (60 places; for presentation, working gatherings, meetings) hour 200,00

* Offers will be sent to you on your demand

SWIFT: HAABHR22,  IBAN: HR6625000091102046621

Price list of basic fair services is a part of Expositor’s Registration Form
The prices shown in this Price List do not include taxes (VAT). The bill for all fair services will be increased for legal tax fees.

Offers will be sent to you on your demand