The “Agro Zemlja” Expo is a project organized annually by the Katava Ltd. company, and in the year 2015 it is being held for the 21st time at the complex of Bizovac spa resort. The Katava Ltd. company is also the publisher of an agricultural magazine “Nova Zemlja” which is being published for over 20 years and distributed to its readers in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

“Agro Zemlja” Expo to its visitors, in cooperation with the exhibitors, aims to provide insight into the latest developments of technology that is applicable in practice which should contribute to the prosperity and ensure the profitability of agricultural production in general and in the area of food production. At the “Agro Zemlja” fair visitors are able to get insight of the technology used in every production cycle in agriculture – seeds, seedlings, plant protection, through mechanization and equipment, but also some exhibitors at the Fair give opportunity for repurchase and cooperation as an important link in the chain of production and distribution of agricultural goods. Special accent at the exhibition “Agro Zemlja” is given to the agro-machinery, which is also evident thru the presence of all distributors of tractors in Croatia, not only through the character of the exhibition but also the practical demonstrations in fields around the Expo area.

Totality of better promotion for exhibitors and vendors, and for potential buyers ability to get to know with complete agro-market, linked through a number of recent reports and advisory texts aimed at getting acquainted with current events in agriculture provides the agricultural magazine “Nova Zemlja” whose demo issue you can request through our contact address.

Bizovac - Agro Zemlja

Nova Zemlja

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